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May 09, 2007


Sara Hickman

Hey Nettie

Fantastic. I am so glad you are promoting all that is going on with Al Gore, our world, and life in general.

You are wondrous!

Lynn Kindler

Oh Nettie, these top 5 give me such great hope, thanks for writing them and sending them out?!!?

Is it too much to hope for an "awake" leader?

Love, Lynn

Dale Biegler

Thanks for sharing these "inconvenient" comments. Unfortunately, they are so inconvenient many people would like to just ignore them as the glaciers continue to melt!

Joseph Bernard

Hi Nettie, we all must do what we can to offset the mediocre leadership in the Whitehouse. We are the leaders of the future, no politicians. We need to stand up for what we believe in and help others see the light.

I write about peace, purpose and consciousness at

Stop by and say hi,


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