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March 06, 2007


Jim Logan

Great interview! There are a lot of principles here for small and large business alike:

- Marketing is a system
- Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint
- Focus, don’t try to do and be everything
- Differentiate

All great things to keep in mind and spend some time in thought to personalize for your business.

Marcia Hoeck

Differentiation is one of the most difficult things for any business to do well -- we think our customers should find us different and better for our great customer service or because our product really is better, but if we say it that way, we don't sound any different than anyone else.

Your example about the remodeler crew cleaning up after themselves is a great "aha!", because it probably really does make that company different. We all need to find these little "aha's" and capitalize on them.

Phil Gerbyshak

Awesomely insightful interview with John. Whole different spin on marketing than you'd expect. Definitely what sets him apart!

Thanks for sharing John with us :) Well done Nettie!

Mark Anderson

Amen to small business! I recently grew my company to a certain level and then merged it with a larger company and it has not been anything like I expected. The grass is always greener! Many things I thought I was missing was simply mispercieved. Small business rules! Be lean, mean, and profitable!

nettie hartsock

Great comments! Thanks for taking time to make them. I like to tell people that years and years ago when I was a brave new Internet journalist - I interviewed the CTO of what then was considered a small business, it's name... Google! And look at it now!

I think honing in on your niche and then differentiating yourself to the hilt in terms of John's insight is a key to growth and success long-term.

sharon wortman farnham

I to am a writer and I well say from personal experience that marketing my book is one of the hardest things I have ever done . I have a friend who has written and she says you don't make much money at it unless you are very successful. People think writers get rich but they don't with most people it is just a hobby .

nettie hartsock

Sharon - One of the best books on marketing your book yourself is Peter Bowerman's "The Well-fed Self Publisher."

It's really got some great stuff in it. And on the writing side in general, folks write books for all kinds of reasons.

For business book authors, they can be an amazing form of credibility and lead generation and they are passing on their knowledge base to others which is always good.

For non-fiction authors, if you find your niche you can make some headway - just be persistent.

And for fiction authors - there are tons of online sites and opportunities to really push your book out there and find the readers for it.

So keep going!


Great interview Nettie, thanks for making me aware of it. I updated my post to include a link to your interview here. Thanks and stop back soon!

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