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Nettie Hartsock is a 15-year freelance business journalist veteran with an extensive background in editing, writing, and press communications. Nettie has been published in well over 200 outlets including print and online media during her career. She is highly regarded for her interviews with some of the most respected e-business and Internet visionaries including Dr. Peter Sealey, Andrew Goodman, Jon Nordmark, Zach Nelson, Dr. Larry Ponemon, Steve Rubel and Royal P. Farros.

Nettie is a weekly contributing writer for multiple Ziff-Davis Media publications including and Nettie is also the moderator for the Independent Writers Forum at Nettie specializes in writing compelling case studies and success stories for companies.

Nettie has most recently completed her e-book, “Start the Press!” and has helped countless companies increase their media and customer exposure. Her PR seminars are highly lauded for both their content and humor.

Nettie is also a nationally published essayist and short story writer. In her years of interviewing, Nettie has been to the moon with Buzz Aldrin, visited “FutureNet” with Sally Richards, felt unbelievably under-designed interviewing usability guru Dr. Jakob Nielsen and even paddled down “ Whiskey River ” with Willie Nelson.