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March 03, 2007


David Leland

Unless you are John Grisham (and I say that almost tongue and cheek) publishers typically aren't going to lay out a ton of bucks for PR on what they consider a dicey proposition.

My pal, Kevin Baker, who has written a great triology on NY, couldn't even get a book tour to the west coast. And he sells books!

So, at the end of the day, it's like everything else: hard work pays off.

Blogging allows you a chance to really dive in and take control of your own destiny.

Don't wait for someone to make you a star. Start blogging.


You have o market and PR it yourself. Blog. Engage. Participae do't pitch. But... do talk radio - Pitch them. They always needing topics for discussion -- or Let Nettie do it. She does a great job I wish she was my PR PERSON!


Did I forget to use spellcheck again? Particpate is spelled p a r t i c i p 8 t e

nettie hartsock

David and Steve -

Great comments! And I think your pal Kevin Baker, should set up his own virtual tour or coastal tour etc. It's all doable - you just have to really take action and do it. There are so many online, radio, print arenas looking for good hooks and stories and interviews that it is possible even if you're not John Grisham to get your books read.


nettie hartsock

I wish Steve was my PR person. Well, he really is more my PR guru and such a great support! THanks Steve!

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