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March 08, 2007


David Leland

You forgot to mention that interviewing rich and famous people is fun. The conversation takes on a new flavor.

When I was working as a rookie journalist, I covered Cliint Eastwood when he was mayor of Carmel. Those interviews transitioned into a real friendship and we began going out to clubs and hearing jazz.

Many times I felt like Zelig; I was present in people's life through the interview process. Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Harold Washington (first black mayor of Chicago), John Phillips of the Mamas and Poppas.

That said, one of the reasons that these folks spoke with me time and time again was because I didn't misuse their friendship.

My suggestion to those pursuing "star" interviews is this: treat them as you would any other interviewee -- with respect.

That is, unless you work for the National Inquirer -- then all bets are off.

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